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1 • oru
2 • beo
3 • tet
4 • sec
10 • toba
11 • orba
12 • beba
13 • tetba
14 • setba
20 • totoba
21 • orototoba
22 • betotoba
23 • tetotoba
24 • setotoba
100 • or'tanganba
200 • be'tengenba
300 • tet'tengenba
400 • set'tengenba
1000 • or'naneba
2000 • beor'naneba
3000 • teor'naneba
4000 (also, "innumerable") • secor'naneba


-asuffix. used to turn a verb into a posessed noun
acprep. out
ain. light (from a light source)
aiei • interj. to denote a polite request, "please"
Aio • the sun goddess
ainde • adj. gold or silver (color)
aluen.a worm; an eyeless serpent
amuua • n. delirium, delusion, hysteria, madness
an • n. way, path
-an • pron. third-person male: "he"
ana • n. a man; someone masculine
anann. the sky
andespron. third-person male, reflexive: "himself"
andu • pron. third-person male, subject: "him"
anei • prep.  but, however
anse • pron. third-person male, object: "he"
anio • pron. third-person male, posessive (aliable): "his"
aniu • pron. third-person male, posessive (inaliable): "his"
aoi • n.  face, appearance, identity
aoue • n. nose
aran • pro. first-person plural: "we", "us"
arandes • pro. first-person plural reflexive: "ourselves"
are • n. song, music
atlos • v. it blames, it faults, it condemns
aut • n. spirit
ava • n. something that watches, sees, bears witness
avandoa • n. a prisoner, a captive
-avo • pron. third-person neutral: "they"
avoio • pron. third-person neutral, posessive (aliable): "their"
avodes • pron. third-person neutral, reflexive: "themself"
avodu • pron. third-person neutral, object: "them"
avose • pron. third-person neutral, subject: "they"
avoiu • pron. third-person neutral, posessive (inaliable): "their"


bala • n. a mark or marking on skin; a decorative marking
be(c)- • pron. refers to a sorceror, diviner, oracle, philosopher, or clergy
beies • n. stillness/fixedness
bero • prep. through, between
biende •  adj. different, distinguished, standing apart
binon • v. it can, it is able to do something
bol • prep. in
bon • v. it does, it makes
bun.a container or vessel
bulain • n. a lantern or light source
buuon. an empty vessel; a corpse; a religious mystic


can • n. a net
cai • n. a gift, a telling of a story
caiob • n. the water's surface
cauematosv. to pay honor, to dignify someone
ce'e- • prefix re- (to do something again, to repeat an action)
celoio • n. sound
cende • adj. thin, skinny, slight
cet • n. a strong expletive; a curse
cetde • adj. cursed, abhorrent, filthy, foolish, degenerate
ci • interj. used at the end of a sentence to denote a question
cia • interj. used at the end of a sentence to denote a polite question
cinua • n. a child
cnon • v. it comes, it arrives, it appears
cob • n. a plant, a fixed creature which does not bleed when cut
cor • n. something round or circular, something that repeats itself
cora • n. one who is lost, aimless, foolish
coron • v. it goes in circles, it is lost


dan • n. a thing which binds, constricts, or bundles together
daumi • adj. other, different
-de • suffix.  (used to denote adjectives)
deme • n. need, demand, obligation
deonv. it has, it keeps, it possesses
di • prep. to
doiu • n. memory
doios • n. it minds, it is mindful of something
domun • n. something wild, the wilderness


-eb • suffix. used to denote a dual plural, a pair
egaide • adj. brown, dull
ei • n. water
eieron • v. it stands upright against the current, it is sturdy, it can be relied upon
ende • n. intense heat
eoma • n. truth, purity, something that is untouchable or incorrigable
-es • pron. third-person female, "she"
esa • n. a woman, someone feminine
esodespron. third-person female, reflexive: "herself"
esodu • pron. third-person female, subject: "her"
ese • pron. third-person female, object: "she"
esoio • pron. third-person female, posessive (aliable): "her"
esoiu • pron. third-person female, posessive (inaliable): "her"
-eto • suffix. used to denote a trial plural, a trio
etson • v. it eats
etsode • adj. eating, taking a meal
euetde • adj. enough, sufficient, complete


gaco'on • v. it shuts out, it blocks, it bars entry
gama • n. mind, thought
gan • n. metal
gauo • n. darkness
geion • v. it swims
genos • n. it tells, it recalls something real
goainen • n. utterance, subtle but cunning speech
goc • n. filth, contamination, poor quality
gocos • v. to make something dirty, to ruin something, to treat something poorly
gocoa • n. someone who breaks things, abuses things; someone who spoils plans; someone who fails to act skillfully or wisely
goenon • v. it sleeps
guo'on • v. it is angry, it rages, it behaves furiously
guonde • adj. angry, furious
gutcuocot • n. an annoyance, a pest


ia • n. air
i'ai, i'cote • n. poetry, prayer (lit. "the light, the bloom")
ian' • art. all
iando • n. cloud, mist, silt
iaum • n. blood
iaumei • n. bloody water
i'bon, i'iando • n. war (lit. "the drum, the cloud")
ibai • n. the color white
ibaide • adj. white
ibeni • n. confidence, certainty
ibende • adj. confident, self-assured
ii n. sand
iemde • adj. red (as a description)
iemo • n. red (the color as concept)
iendan • n. station, position, post
ii- • prefix. -ful, much
iiando • n. cloud of sand or silt
iide • adj. sandy, gritty
iil • prep. with
iiluc • adj. within
ioe • adv. here
iomi'- • art.  this (must be possessed)
iomu'- • art. that (must be possessed)
itcinua • n. a small child, an infant
itcoben • n. younger brother (term of endearment)
itdeadj. small
itlosv. it sends, it relays
itmainen • n. younger sister (a term of endearment)
ito • n. a village or small settlement
iu- • prefix. -less, without
iun • n. army, ranks of soldiers


mam • adj. old, ancient, revered
mama • n. one who is old, an elder, a keeper of tradition
mbet • n. travel, passage
mbetos • v. it travels
miac • n. danger, something dangerous
miatde • adj. dangerous, hazardous, harmful
miende • adj. beautiful, handsome, fair, well-made
-mo-prep. from, originating with
moca • n. a herald, dignitary, representative
n. one who is bold, brave
mondonde • adj. bold
mu • n. love, affection


nan • n. speech, language
navan • n. a gaze, a look
ndi • prep.  for
-nec • n. place
nere • n. help, assistance, aid
nerenonv. it gives help, it assists
niat • n. order, evenness
niatos • v. it brings things to order, it triumphs over chaos
nii • n. life, creation
noaro • n. city, fort, large settlement
nobode • adj. aching, sore, hungry
nomonv. it defends (against attack)
non • n. rock
no'on • v. it is, it exists
nonde • adj. rocky
nos • n. bone
nu-prefix. negation, "un-", "non-"
nuc • n. a house; shelter, refuge
nuiil • prep. without


Oa' • art. something divine or divinely ordained, something eternal, something auspicious (to be used with any noun or verb form that implicates the gods)
oaide • adj. broad, wide, large
oca • n. a sculptor, someone who uses their hands to fashion things
oco • n. hand
oetide • adj. awake, lucid, rational, sober
olan • n. movement
oleande • adj. far, distant
osod/-osd • n. stone (the material); also, a calendrical year
ote • n. something fashioned by hand
otaion • v. it hunts, it preys, it is deadly
otaia • n. hunter, one who preys
orom • n. mortality
oroma • n. one who can die, a mortal
oros • n. death
ovos • n. body, flesh


sadespron. first-person reflexive: "myself"
saiu • pron. first-person possessive, "my"
saumainterj. a ritual greeting: "may you be whole"
-separt. object identifier (only used with unpossessed nouns)
-se'ipart. object identifier (only used with plural unpossessed nouns)
sen • n. something awe-inspiring, frightful, divine, auspicious
Senmocaiun • n. Faithful (lit. "people given from the gods")
Senmocaisaiun • n. Faithful, only used by a member of the Faithful class (lit. "we people given from the gods")
siai • n. brightness
siaide • adj. bright, casting light, blinding
sisde • adj. busy, crowded, cluttered
soan • n. a creature, an animal
soda • n. busyness, industriousness, studiousness
sodade • adj. busy, preoccupied, focused, working
sodon • v. it is busy, it is working
solode • adj. cold
som • n. strength
sonde • adj. strong, robust, steadfast
sot • n. a road, a channel, a passage
su • n. a tool, a means
sunom • n. a means of defense, a weapon
sutsut • n. a blade, a knife, a sword


ta'ade • adj.good, worthy
teceie • n.time in the abstract
tetende • adj. skillful, efficient, practiced
tetenos • v. to act with skill and cunning
tinis • n. loud, disruptive noise
 • v. it accepts (terms), it allows, it permits
tiosde • adj. accepting, permissive
tiosdanon • v. it surrenders
tiosdana • n. one who surrenders; a captive, a prisoner
tiro'on • v. it compells, it directs, it leads
tlon • v. it stops, it halts
tnotde • adj. heavy
-tob • n. the art or study of something
ton • v. it trades, it buys something
tonosv. it excludes, it omits
toton • n. the currency of Noarunosd
totona • n. one who is wealthy; a trader; a debt or tax-collector
tsat • n. something sudden or surprising
tsatde • adj. fast, swift
tside • adj. bad, unfavorable, unlucky, destitute, noxious
tsut • n. a point, an edge, sharpness
tom • n. earth, dry land
tu • prep. and


uat • adv. now
ucprep. in
udn. a struggle
udeionv. it fights, it battles
udeian. one who fights, a soldier
-ue • n. place in the midst of
-ueue • n. place in the very center of
uema • n. lie, falsehood
uemat • n. honor, dignity
uion • n. it knows
uma • n. wisdom
umuma • n. one who is wise, cunning
-un • suffix. used to denote a collective plural, a group of something
uom • n. a deep place; depth, vastness, the unknown
uomanan • n. the night sky
uru • n. a door, a gate, an opening
uuode • adj. empty, barren, deserted


va • interj. zero person; used at the end of a sentence to create a statement of fact, give emphasis, or to issue a command


about • oii
become • uuia
but • anei
for • ndi
from • mo
in • bol
in the midst of
out • ac
through/between • bero
to • di
with • iil
without • nuiil


display/screen • suvao
input • itluc
HUD • avsuvao
output • itlac
system • ccome
technology • sena